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            Welcome to visit the website of Ningbo Dingbang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., rotomolding manufacturer | rotomolding mold manufacturer!

            About us

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            138 6780 0287
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            Experienced in the industry

            Rotomolding molds cover more than a dozen areas of military, environmental protection, agriculture, etc., with sufficient experience and pre-control problems. Over the past 8 years, we have served thousands of companies, and our customers have a high rate of return, and the industry has a good reputation.

            Complete equipment

            With CNN precision machining center, electroplating equipment, plating molds and accessories, we have full-time posts. Independent research on independent arm four-arm five-position rotational molding machine, shuttle type swing molding machine and other equipment.

            Rotomolding process is excellent

            It has built an urban rotomolding equipment engineering technology research center and won 12 intellectual property rights and fine craftsmanship. Support for map customization or no map design, follow-up all the way, review comprehensive and comprehensive, and avoid risks at all times.

            Strict management science

            The process requirements are strict, heat treatment of small parts, multiple repairs and artificial mirror treatment, installation of foaming fixtures, etc., no worry, picky. Strict control of delivery time, special requirements for special customization, will not affect quality due to compression time.

            Ningbo Dingbang Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

            Tel:138 6780 0287


            Add:Building 8, Yuliong Industrial Park, Xianyu Town, Xiangshan County, Zhejiang Province